Forensic Science Research Papers

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Forensic science doesn’t only consist of a handsome man finding a murderer and taking him into custody. There is much more to forensic science such as its technological advances.
Forensic science is a science application to answer questions of interest to the legal system
(Government). Forensic science is any public discussion or debate that is brought upon the court or the judicial system. The role of technology has come a long way in the branch of Forensic
Science that most of the work in the field depends on some sort of technology.
Within the past twenty-three years forensic DNA technology alone has evolved and has had an incredible impact in the Federal Justice Department. It has brought fresh eyes to unsolved cases that were thought to be impossible to
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Another helpful forensic technology is high-speed ballistic photography which helps on understanding how bullet holes, gunshot wounds, and glass shatters are created. This many not seem as a big deal when you first think of forensic science and technology but it has shown to be very helpful in many cases. One of the most valuable forensic science technologies is the Video Spectral Comparator 2000.Forensic scientist find this to be the most valuable because with this camera scientist and investigators are able to see obscure or hidden marks on the paper, determine the origin of the paper, and “lift” identified writing. Video Spectral Comparator 2000 has been able to help on descripting truly damaged paper that is impossible to read with the naked human eye because it has been burned or it has had severe water damage.
In conclusion, forensic science and the technology that has come to terms along with it has improved immensely. The technology that is used today is what has solved many cases that have been a devastation to the people of the United States. This branch has gone from examining water to having Alternative Light Photography to solve cases, to find how a
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