Forensic Science: The Future of Criminal Justice Essay

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Forensic Science The idea of using the science has been started before the debuting of Sherlock Holmes in 1887, who had introduced about the forensic science to help criminal investigation. In history, the work of forensic scientists was performed by medical personnel. Until the end of eighteenth century, the attempts of French medical jurist Antoine Louis, crime solving Chinese book “ Hsi Duan Yu”(the washing way of wrongs), etc gave ideas about determining time of death, analyzing blood stain, identifying chemical used in crime, etc. After eighteenth century, the modern chemistry paved new way of identifying crime like the idea of measuring height, length of right ear and outstretched…show more content…
FBI is one of the important scientific generalist that includes extensive reference collection of files like National Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), National Motor Vehicles Certificate of Title file, etc to solve crime. Certification and accreditation are two important regulation processes that have been implementing in forensic science. During the process of investigation, FBI highly recommend not to send specimen if it takes more than 24 hrs. The Supreme Court of California in 1946 rules stated, “Finger prints are the strongest evidence to prove the identity of a person.” The revolutionary trend of forensic science from history to this modern period opens lot of ways to find criminals hidden in our society and brings great changes in criminal justice system. It was very difficult to identify criminals in the past because of lack specific field to study criminal activity and equipments so that there were high chances of escaping criminals from criminal justice. Similarly, the innocent offenders had to be punished due to unreliable and inaccurate criminal justice. But the development and research on Forensic science has backbone of criminal justice
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