Forensic Scientists And Innovative Technology Impacting The World

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In 2015, about 1,190,704 crimes estimated, of murders was 15,696 with fire arms and an estimated 90,185 rapes. What if you cross under the barrier tape to find a male victim of a suicide investigation? The body is sitting silently on the couch in his living room. Empty cans of liquor spread around the body and a knife are settled on the victim’s lap. While examining the body, you discover a stab wound under the cartilage of his rib and cut beneath the throat. An officer asks “Do you think it is right to assume he committed suicide?” A forensic scientist would say no, they can perform examinations to reasonably prove this suicide was staged with the evidence available and uncover more like a puzzle. Crime and mysteries are reoccurring …show more content…

Early forensic scientists acquired their knowledge through self-practice and experience, there were no college courses or special medical schools that taught this broad study academically. Physicians and surgeons actively took part in the European judicial system in the 1600s to gain recognition. Medical specialists often made their studies, methods, and findings public through courtrooms, medical institutes, and press. Forensic medicine questions of Paolo Zacchia’s Questiones Medico-legales (1621) became a popular basis medical questioning used in some European courts to detail a victim’s cause of death. (“The Rise of Forensics”)
Sir Francis Galton, London Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, created his own system of fingerprint cataloguing. He assigned a number to each finger and based on the flow, direction, pattern, and other characteristics to narrow down candidates for a match. (“Forensic Science History”) Sir Galton fingerprint techniques have been used worldwide, however, with innovative and dramatized methods from other specialists, it made hard to prove which process would be reasonable and practical.
Forensic science has come a long way, progressing more along with technology and new discoveries. 21st century forensic science has defined by universities as the science of proving existence of crime and solving it by utilizing scientific procedures. Forensic branches out basics of chemistry, biology, and

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