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Melissa Mulkey Introduction to Forensics-3 Individual Work Week 2 7/27/13 There are many types of search patterns and they vary on how they are completed and when they are most effective. The different types of search patterns are: Line/Strip Search Pattern, Grid Search Pattern, Spiral Search Pattern, Wheel/Ray Search Pattern, Quadrant/Zone Search Pattern, and Vehicle Searches. Line Strip Search Patterns is where investigators begin at the boundary at one end of the crime scene and walk straight across to the other side. They go a little farther along the border and walk straight back to the other side. This method is most effective in scenes where the boundaries are well established because they dictate the start and ending of the…show more content…
Any preliminary identification of a victim or suspect should be recorded also. (Saferstein, 2009). There are certain steps to photographing a crime scene and certain photos are to be taken. The most important part is for it to be in an unaltered condition. Except for injured parties, objects are not to be moved until they have been photographed from every angle. If they are then the evidence could be admissible as evidence at a trial. (Saferstein, 2009). Each crime scene should be photographed as completely as possible in a logical succession. It should include the area where the crime took place and all adjacent areas where important acts occurred immediately before or after the commission of the crime. The photographer will normally work from the perimeter to the center of a scene. The sequence must be consistent for all crime scenes. Investigators may take additional pictures to use in court. (Saferstein, 2009). When completing a crime scene sketch, it is important to include specific information on each sketch. There should be the title block which contains the case number, the agency number, the name and title of the artist, the location of the scene, and the date and time at which the sketch was created. It might also state the victim’s name, the names of any suspects, or the type of crime. The title block should appear in the lower right corner of the sketch paper. The legend should contain the key to the identity
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