Foreshadow The Final Moment In The Woman By Juan Bosch

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In a short story written by Juan Bosch, "The Woman," the narrator uses an allusion to Death to foreshadow the final moment. In the story, the woman, who was living in the desert with her child and husband, is ordered to sell the goat's milk but prefers to give it to her child. Her husband furious hit her until blood was spilling out. The woman is then, thrown away to the desert, with her child. Laying on the desert beaten, a man passing by gives her his final drops of water, and headed to the closest refuge to help the woman. That final moment where the Woman, is hit by her husband Chepe, When Chepe threatens to kill the woman and tell her to leave with their child, and lastly when Quinco tries to help the woman in pain, helps the reader
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