Foreshadowing Analysis Of Desiree's Baby

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Foreshadowing Analysis of Desiree’s Baby In the fictional story “Desiree’s Baby”, written by Kate Chopin, a young lady by the name of Desiree elicits the attention of a man named Armad, who marries and has a child with her. However, that child soon becomes a source of conflict, leading to the lovers and their relationship into a downward spiral. Chopin foreshadows the baby’s being a quadroon when Desiree’s mother visits and, in startles tones, exclaims that hat is not the baby!” In this, it is established that the baby looks nothing like what she expected, and at this point she is very likely suspicious. That isn’t all that was hinted at, though. Early on in the story, the reader learns that Armand’s house is “...a sad looking place, which

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