Foreshadowing The Dystopic Future Of Today Essay

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Foreshadowing the Dystopic Future of Today Before George Lucas created Star Wars and became a household name, he was once a film student. After he graduated from film school, he wrote and directed the film THX 1138 in 1971, Lucas’s first real film work. THX 1138 takes place in the dystopian future where the government closely controls every aspect of life, both at home and at work, through the use of city wide mandatory medication and through an overbearing police force. Everyone in the film performs a specific task in the society with no deviation from the status quo. While the story may seem abstract or unreal, THX 1138 predicted the future of the United States and how society has grown towards this dystopian vision. THX 1138, even though filmed in 1971, possesses parallels with modern day themes and lifestyles through its depiction of the police, the government, and culture, while unintentionally revealing how American society has not changed for the better. At its core, THX 1138 represents Lucas’s vision of the future influenced by the changing world around him. The film follows the path of a man, THX, who is completely assimilated in the working culture and fulfills his given duties without ever questioning the reasons why. The government mandated medication keeps his emotions controlled and turns him into this cog in the machine. Until his living mate begins to swap his medication for fake pills, he can do nothing to act against the government. However, once he

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