Foreshadowing in Toni Morrison's Beloved - Foreshadowing Essay

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Foreshadowing in Beloved

In the novel Beloved, Toni Morrison addresses many broad themes and issues that are continually reoccurring throughout the book. Morrison uses each one of the characters to aid in the development of her novel. Sethe, Denver, and Beloved, all main characters in this book, represent many of the large issues. One of the major themes in the novel is portrayed with the falling of Beloved, Sethe, and Denver in the ice-skating scene. In the second section of Beloved, Morrison uses the dramatic ice-skating scene to foreshadow the deterioration of the relationships with in the family that occurs with the loss of Sethe's job.

The ice-skating
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Not long after the ice-skating scene we see how Sethe begins to fall. Sethe's first major stumble deals with the loss of her job. For many years Sethe was an extremely hard worker at a restaurant in town and never missed a day of work in her life. However, after Beloved started becoming more dependent upon Sethe, demanding more and more from her mother, Sethe found it nearly impossible to maintain a job. Sethe played games all day long with Beloved and "she took to going to work later and later each day until the predictable happened: Sawyer, her boss, told her not to come back" (240). With the termination from Sethe's job resulted in a feeling of apathy. Sethe wished to put all of her time and energy into Beloved's happiness because of the terrible guilt she had inside. Sethe felt extremely ashamed for killing her daughter. Therefore, Sethe would do anything for Beloved. Anything Beloved was craving, Sethe made sure her daughter received. Beloved took advantage of her mother's behavior and drained her of everything. Hours

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