Forest Gump Analysis

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Forest Gump “Jennayy” is one of the first things that you think about when you think of the movie “Forest Gump”. The movie starts out with forest going through his early childhood rather quickly and early on you see the impact his friend Jenny has on him as a person. Forest was an avid runner from early on in life and this skill stays with him throughout his life. A running gag in the movie is people saying some form of “run Forest, run!” Which is a good thing to come back too as it’s not overwhelmingly used. The basic premise of the movie is how interesting of a life Forest has had and how many historical events or the amazing manufactured events he was involved with. But there is one big issue with forest and it’s that he is, to put it blatantly, a little stupid but as his mama would tell him “stupid is what stupid does”. Some of the events he was involved in include: The desegregation of schools, Vietnamese war, the “hippie” movement/ anti war movement, running across the country multiple times and so many more. One common sad thing throughout the movie is how Jenny treats him, she basically treats him like dirt after college up till they meet again in Washington D.C. after Forest receives the congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in the Vietnamese war. After this Forest returns to his home in Greenbow Alabama (fictional) to see his mother and receiving a check for saying he used a particular ping pong paddle while he was in China. With said money he founded
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