Forest Pollution And Its Effects On Forest Ecosystem

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Samara Alghazali
Forest pollution
Section 1
Pollution effects on forest ecosystem
One of the most significant concerns that have existed in the ecosystem for decades now is the issue of pollution. Pollution in itself is the destruction of the normal concentration and manifestation of factors such as water, soil, air and others in the ecosystem. This destruction largely arises from the human activities that often lead to misbalance, increased wastes concentration and improper positioning of the necessary and unnecessary additions to the environment. This often leads to the destruction of biodiversity, which is an important balance to the whole cycle of living organisms in that they support each other for their co-existence. If at all the number of animals reduce in the world to a very small number then a threat is posed to the living organisms since it will translate to it having to reduce also (Turner 2014).
Recently a research was carried out, and the scientist found out that there was only 31% of the forest cover in the world (Song et al. 2014). The percentage shows that over half of the world’s forest cover has been consumed over the years and things are not getting any better since people are still venturing the forest (Song et al. 2014). There is many types of pollution that could effect the forest ecosystem and if the pollution will still increase that will lead to a manmade forest.

Research shows that approximately 7.6 hectares of
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