Forever Gone Research Paper

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Forever Gone One day on a fairly cold winter on December 14,1932 in the town of Szentes in Southeastern Hungary thirty miles from Szeged a family called the Nemeth's gave birth to a little girl named Maria. Maria grew up to be a young playful child who loved to sing, but also when she was older helping her grandparents in their store that they owned. When I was old enough to go to school and the age of 12 I went to the school Szent István Gimnázium, a Hungarian secondary school for kids 12 and older, but it wasn't a ordinary school only the best of the best could go here. The only reason the best could go here if they had good singing voices and god grades , which I had both off, so I was sent here to improve more and hoped to become the…show more content…
One day, while I was helping my grandparents in their store, when a huge army of German surrounded the town and ordered all the jews to move to freight trains outside the town. I hoped the outcome of the jews being moved out this town as the jews in other countries, which we heard stories of and how horrible ending it was for them. I entered the train with 80 other jews of our town. We arrived at Szeged sports fields and brickyards thirty miles from the town I lived in. The camp was not bad at all I enjoyed it a little bit, as days went on I was always hungry and cold and not liking the camp at all. I hoped for better times to come while in times of darkness in this horrible camp of the Germans. 4 years passed in this camp the SS officers said we're moving to new camp, maybe I would be freed with the rest of my fellow…show more content…
I hoped there wouldn't be another selection, because I probably wouldn't pass. 4 days later instead of selection the SS soldiers said we were all moving again expect they were in a hurry this time, any who failed to keep up were shot and killed or left to die from being shot or illness they had. My grandparents died for not keeping up and my mother was shot for trying to save my dad's father. I ran as hard as I could hoping to reach the destination we were told we were going too, or too reach the ending I learned that Jews go too after they die. All of sudden we were told to stop, I heard the German speak something that sounded like U.S is here , at the same time I saw a U.S flag in the distance waving and coming toward us, then the machine guns started going off, the SS men started to shot all the Jews, and then I was shot I seen the enemy run and then it became blurry and I couldn't breathe, I gasped for a breathe, but I
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