Forever Our Professor Snape-Personal Narrative

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Forever our Professor Snape “Hello, its Sophie here,” I say aloud, “and I’m here with the one, the only, Alan Rickman!” Alan slowly walks into the set. We shake hands and he sits down mysteriously. “Hello Alan. How are you?” I ask after he’s situated. Alan returns, “I’m fine. How about you?” “I’m doing just fine Alan.” I answered. “So I have invited you on the show because I have 3 questions for you. They are about your role as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise. So first how was it acting with all your younger co-stars?” “Well…” Alan stuttered. “I was in my 50s when the first movie was casted. I loved working with Daniel, Emma, Rupert, and Tom. They really grew on me. We were a little shaky at first, but by the third movie we were close. So, I would say that I loved working with most of my co-stars.” …show more content…

“Well I really didn’t get along with Imelda, the lady who played Umbridge.” Alan said reluctantly. “Ok, so my next question is when Richard Harris died how was the cast? Were they ok?” I ask him respectfully. Alan hesitated, “well most of us were devastated we knew that it would be hard to find a replacement Dumbledore.” “Wow, so I know that J.K. Rowling told you secrets about Snape before the movies.” I said. “Yes, she did tell me secrets” Alan said in response. “Well thank you for coming Alan it was good talking to you!” I said happily. “You’re welcome and thank you.” Alan said as he slowly left the

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