Forever by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero

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Wilfrido Maria Guerrero CHARACTERS: Maria Teresa Ernesto Ernesting Consuelo Oscar


SCENE: The living room of MARIA TERESA’s house. At the rear center, a curtain door, leading out to the corridor. Against the corridor wall is a table and a large vase with flowers.

The left of the corridor leads to CONSUELO’s bedroom, the right to the main entrance. At the left, a door leading to MARIA TERESA’s bedroom. At the right, a high open balcony covered with hanging plants. At front left, a sofa, two chairs and floor lamp. A small rug beside the sofa. At front right, a table, lamp and a chair. As the curtain rises, the stage is dark. The only light is the soft moonlight streaming
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As usual you are still callous and selfish. From childhood you were this way. How well I remember when father and mother were still alive – how they used to grant you all your whims and all your desires. You never thought of anyone but yourself. And when – when you left Maria Teresa eight years ago, I wasn’t surprised. No, not at all. I knew you were behaving true to type, true to your self-centered nature.

(Smiling indifferently, Ernesto walks to the balcony.)


and are you through, my dear sister? What a splendid sermon. It seems to me I’ve heard all this before. Consuelo: you haven’t changed.

(Hurt and helpless, Consuelo sits down and covering her face, breaks into sobs. Noticing it, Ernesto goes to her and pats her shoulder gently.)
Ernesto: I am sorry, Consuelo. You put all the blame on me, without knowing all the facts. Please believe me. Consuelo: you shouldn’t have come. Haven’t you made us all suffer enough? Ernesto: Us? Consuelo: Maria Teresa, Ernesting, myself – Ernesto: don’t you think that I also might be capable of suffering? Consuelo: if you are, you’ve never shown it. Ernesto: can anybody afford to bare his heart all the time?

(Brother and Sister stare at each other silently. Consuelo stands up.)

Consuelo: Ernesto, won’t you please go before Maria Teresa comes? Ernesto:

(ignoring her question) tell me, frankly – does

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