Forge Intensifying My Patterns

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Forge, Intensify, or Tether-FITing My Patterns To Me

A) Forge

As week 5 rolls around I know the pattern I will have to forge in order to gain more knowledge as I continue on in my career as a student. The main pattern I find myself struggling with is precision. For this pattern to work I will have to specifically increase the use of this pattern by going into more detail, examine all of the material given to me, and documenting the facts precisely. I feel I can bring my precision pattern out of its hiding and become better acquainted with this pattern if I stop with the negativity over this particular pattern and whole heartedly try to use it.

B) Intensify

I have two use as need patterns the sequence pattern is the one I use most frequently.
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I then just relapse back into this pattern in hopes of completing the assignment the only way I know how. I will practice restraint when it comes to technical reasoning and try to let my other patterns find their way to the surface. I will also try to communicate more with others around me and perform more accurately as a student.

I know that as a student using all my patterns is imperative to fulfill all of my potential I must be able to open up my mind and accept doing different things. In the long run it will help me grow as a learner and as an individual. As I look back to Week One I am reminded of a quote by the famous scientist Louis Pasteur" Chance favors the prepared mind." As I reflect on this quote with a new attitude

I now realize for me to be able to grow as a person and as a student I need to prepare my mind with as much information, facts, and details as I can. With all this new knowledge the chance to become something great hangs in the balance. By studying everything around me I can nurture, expand, and fill my mind with enough knowledge I can become anything I put my mind
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