Forget about Your Weight, Start Moving Essay

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Forget About Your Weight Start Moving
Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

The Power of Moving
Part I: Book
Routine physical activity has numerous benefits, but many still do not take time to do so. I am one of those people six months ago. I had led a sedentary lifestyle. I know exercise is good for me, but I always find an excuse not to do it. I do not wish to go back to my old ways, thus, I chose to do a book review on Ted Mitchell, Tim Church, and Mortin Zucker's Move yourself: the Cooper Clinic medical director's guide to all the healing benefits of exercise (even a little!). It explores the health benefits that can come from regular physical activity even in low does, which ultimately improve quality of life in relation to mood, energy, sleep, digestion, elimination, and sex life. The book offers simple and practical programs based on an individual's levels of activity. The information I would obtain from the book would be vital not only in maintaining my own health, but also in my role as a professional advocate of health and wellness.
Part II: Topics of Interest
It is common knowledge that regular physical activity has a number of health benefits to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. However, many underestimate the benefits of regular physical activity. According to a government study, there are nearly 80 percent of American adults that do not get enough exercise each week (Jaslow, 2013). The authors presented valuable information from pages 11…