Forgiveness And Reconciliation In The Movie 'Pay It Forward'

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation:
In the film “Pay It Forward” Arlene forgave her mother by going to the homeless place where her mother was living and forgave her for all of the bad things that happened to her when she was a child. She tried to repair the damage done by sin by inviting her mother to Trevor’s birthday party but only if she was sober. Arlene gave Grace a penance that she needed to complete and by doing this, their relationship was healed. The relationship was healed because Grace respected her wishes and had contrition for what had happened in the past so she gave up drinking and was also able to heal the relationship with Trevor in the process. The result of Arlene and Grace sorting out their issues by talking through their
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Sacrament of reconciliation:
The second rite of reconciliation is a celebration that is split into two parts: communal celebration and individual confession. During communal celebration, they would have a ceremony which included homily, prayers and readings from the gospel. They would then all say together the examination of conscience which is a reflection of their sins and then each person would have an individual confession with the priest to clear their sins that they had committed. Individual confession gives people a chance to reconnect with God by seeking guidance and forgiveness from a priest. Through this process the penitent would ask for reconciliation, confess their sins and promise not to sin again. To complete, the priest would need to give them a penance which is something the person would need to do to repair the damage done by sin.
If Arlene had attended the second rite of reconciliation, she would have felt like she had finally overcome her drinking problem. By knowing that she has been forgiven for her actions she will be able to love herself more which means she will be able to love others in return. This would put her in a better mental state and be able to help her through the tough time in her life and wouldn’t need to go through it all alone. It would have given her more strength which would make the tough journey a lot easier knowing that someone has forgiven her.
If the Ricky had attended the second rite of reconciliation, this
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