Forgiveness In Hamlet

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Can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand? Many stories like Hamlet are about revenge, like when hamlet wanted revenge on King Claudius. They’re so little forgiveness in this story except when hamlet accepts Laertes apology in the end. Many stories like Simon birch where Joe can forgive Simon for accidentally killing his mom. That’s honestly because it wasn’t really his fault there was nothing he can do about it. Nuclear winter took place during the cold war which was a relevant topic at that time.
Hamlet was a story about a young prince wanting revenge on his father’s killer. Claudius had killed hamlets father and took his crown and throne from him. Hamlets ghost father tells him it was Claudius who killed him all hamlet wanted to do was kill him. Hamlet wrote a play to expose his Fathers killer. He also tried to kill him but it turned out to be Polonius. Laertes came to kill hamlet and they challenge him to a duel. Hamlet stabs him then Laertes says Claudius is to blame and then hamlet
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How she knew everything was going to end by nuclear war, so she wanted to forgive everyone. The world was about to come to an end so there was really only thing she could do. She forgave everyone even her enemies or the people she has wronged. Unlike hamlet she didn’t want revenge because the world was coming to an end so there was no use just hate. She found inner peace and wanted to give back.
The moral of the story is “can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand?’ In my opinion I don’t think they really can. Forgiveness defiantly outweighs justice or revenge on multiple things. Hamlet was about revenge and 90% of that people in the story died. The people in the other two stories they took the harder route and they learned to forgive everyone. If you hold on hate for them then you’re holding on to the past. When you hold on the past then you really need help because the past it the past and you really need to let that stuff
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