Forgiveness: Why And Why We Should Prosecute Them?

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When people have committed crimes against humanity we should prosecute them, but sometimes the best way to our problems is just to forgive them and move on. The reason forgiveness works is because we will save a lot more money forgiving people instead of living in the past and always being angry about it. I know people would want to hurt the people that hurt them to get payback on them and make them feel the pain they went through, I wouldn't blame them for wanting to do that but I don't think we should and as a whole find the people that committed the crimes just so the innocent people can beat up on them to get even. There's a system called the ICC and they help countries with money to help find the criminals that did the dirty work in whatever they committed and its not like 100$ it's more 1,000,000$ or even more like is it really worth it.
Forgiveness can be one of the most powerful things that can ever be used it's all a mental feeling that controls your emotions. When the people commit crimes against humanity we really should take action and do something about it but sometimes its really hard to find them and the resources we got to
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Article two days “More often than not, trials merely put a Band-Aid on the wounds that drive civil conflict within a society, rather than tackling the root causes behind the violence”. There saying trials does absolutely nothing for no one and makes hardly anyone happy, but if we actually found the main source and the roots of the people and they came up front or we had to do a lil searching for them. Thats no big deal because it didn't cost us that much to find the root of the source after we found them or if it was just one person we can talk to them and see why they did it and what was the whole purpose and then from there we can do prosecution if needed or
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