Forgiving In Charlie Roberts's Amish Grace

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The book, “Amish Grace” tells the audience a story about a school shooting in Pennsylvania and how oneself can be forgiving and have forgiveness in many abstract ways. We learn about a man named Charlie that delivers milk to serval Amish farms in the area and was known to be a friendly man as he would always pass by the Nickel Mine school on his way to make deliveries and wave to the children at the school. Until one October day, Charlie stopped by the school and chose to take the lives of several students at the schoolhouse.
On October 2, 2006, Charlie Roberts came into the Nickel Mine schoolhouse shooting ten young girls but claiming the lives of five before he turned the gun on himself. Before shooting the young children, he allowed everyone to get out of the schoolhouse but the ten girls that he made line up against the chalkboard. Charlie barricaded the girls in a dark room with the blinds shut before he shot them. Before shooting, Charlie told the girls that, “he was sorry he had to “do
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If a non-Amish person would decide to leave the church and not attend, the priest or pastor and the community would not turn their back on that person. Unlike the Amish if you are shunned, you may talk to other Amish people but you may not do things like, ride with them or eat at the same table as an Amish family. Members are expected to shun ex-members even within their own household, and those who refuse to do so may jeopardize their own standing within the church (page 148). To the Amish, they see that God ordained the church to watch over them and they have to judge their own members if they choice to not be a member anymore. If a non-Amish chose to not be a member of a church or family anymore there would not be the constant reminder of what they did, rather than the Amish believe that they need to be remind constantly of what they did and their
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