Form of Government Essay

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Overview of the Issue
Socialism is the social and economic theory that promotes the public control and ownership of property and natural resources. This socialist view claims that individual does not live and work in segregation and seeks collaboration with each other’s (Ball & Dagger). Furthermore, government has power and right to exercise specific social and economic theory in the society. In other hands, government with a set of moral principles also has moral obligation towards every citizens for providing good governance. As a result, a guiding philosophy of government is subject to scrutinize in socialist government (, 2009).
According to Merriam Webster, Government is an agency, machinery or
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According to Merriam Webster, “ethics is a theory or system of moral values.” It is drawn from the philosophy and also a guiding philosophy. The method of ethical theory must correspond with good action and consider that it holds facts only for the most part. The study of ethics is done to progress human lives and thus the set of principle and values must comply with the environment of human well-being (Kraut, 2010).
Additionally, the process of standardizing, guarding and advocating concept of right and wrong bearing is within the field of ethics. The contemporary school of thought views ethical theories into three spectrums: meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Meta-ethics spotlight on the issues of universality of truth or the absolute truth which may resembles the natural law. Normative ethics is about the determination of the moral course of actions which is to arrive at moral practical standard of task that police right or wrong deeds. Lastly, applied ethics involves probing of the moral outcomes in explicit controversial situations such as capital punishment, nuclear war, and environmental concerns etc. These are the conceptual tools of ethical judgment in ethical dilemmas (Fieser, 2009).
Ethico-political Discussion
Ethical foundation is guiding philosophy of any political believers who are the charge of the government. The quest is about the kind of life that is good for the every people. Most of
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