Formal And Informal Dance At Hip Hop

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In the 1980s and 1990s more clubs used hip hop DJs, especially in the bigger cities, and all types of dancers with different skills would dance their way to the middle of the dance floor. Formal and informal competitions would often happen. Informal competitions would happen when a few true dancers were noticed on the dance floor, the rest of the people would back off and watch the leaders battle it out. The informal dance competitions became common and popular they became part of the night at hip hop clubs. This competitive dancing helped hip hop retain the “battle’ culture that existed since the beginning of hip hop dancing. When hip hop first started it was very informal, but performative. As moves started to become more creative like popping, breaking, crumping, and locking, more and more dancers began to catch up in the rhythms of the music. While the performances were more as formal, the competitive side of hip hop stayed the same, as well as the nature of the audience that would surround the dancers. People would be invited to show off their dance moves by other people on the streets, basketball court, or where ever the the group happened to be at that time. In this way the groups would figure out who is better or who has more perfected skills. On the West Coast, it was said that hip hop dancing had been inspired by robots in the movies of 1960s and 1970s. The popping and locking of the West Coast and the breaking of the East Coast are two different types of dance

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