Formal And Informal Educational Experiences

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Learning Autobiography (LAB # 1): Formal and Informal Educational Experiences Michael E Emmering March 16, 2016 LAS 20010 College Seminar I: Exploring Ottawa University Learning Autobiography (LAB # 1) In this paper you will learn my insights into my life. I will touch on my formal and informal education. I will reflect on the four Breadth areas of Ottawa University’s program of liberal arts studies. Future goals, philosophy, values, and obstacles will be discussed. This will include significant people and events that have happened in my life. Formal Educational Experiences My formal educational experiences start’s with Field School, Field School is elementary school in Elmhurst Illinois. I went there from first grade to fifth grade. Elementary school is where I began my early years of education. Began interest’s in reading and whiting. First learned the nature of my learning disabilities. I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and speech impediment. Which made learning hard from the start. Sandburg Jr. High School is where I went for my sixth grade education. I was only at Sandburg for one year, for the year that I was there I started going down the wrong path, started getting into trouble and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Midway into my sixth grade year I moved to the other side of Elmhurst. So for seventh grade I went to Churchville Jr. High School. During my time there I continued to have a hard time with my studies. I also almost got expelled
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