Formal And Informal Organizations Have Existed Together For Years Essay

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“Formal and informal organizations have existed together for years.” a) Explain how the modern day supervisor could bring the two groups together for the benefit of the organization. A formal organization refers to one whose existence is governed by clearly outlined policies and procedures. Within a formal organization there exists a clearly defined organizational structure, outlined goals and objectives, as well as clearly established, departments, positions and job descriptions. Employees of formal organizations are generally given contracts at the start of their employment which outline their job title, to whom they should report, any persons for whom they are responsible, the department within which they are employed as well as their duties and responsibilities. An informal organization, on the other hand, can be considered as a network of personal and social relationships. Informal organizations derive from association of employees within the workplace. These can be considered informal groups which are developed to satisfy social needs, provide emotional support and assist with meeting common goals and objectives. Supervisors act as the intermediary between higher management and lower-level staff. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to relay the goals and objectives of Management to the employees. The supervisor is also responsible for effectively managing employees to work together to reach these goals and objectives. In order for the supervisor to complete such
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