Formal Definitions Of Public Health Nursing Essay

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A. Relevant historical overview, including the earliest reference to public health nursing
While there are several formal definitions of the public health nursing, Lillian Wald, who is considered to be one of the first public health nurses in the United States, said that it as “love in action, and there is no finer manifestation of it than the care of the poor and disabled in the own homes” (Masters, 2014, p.32). In 1983, with the help of her colleague, Mary Brewster, she established a first independent public nursing service called Henry Street Settlement, which later became the Visiting Nurse Association of New York City. It laid the foundation for public health nursing in the United States. Several years later, the need for public health nursing became more evident during the influenza epidemic of 1917 (Masters, 2014). Wald didn’t see public health nursing as simply taking care of sick people at their homes. She wanted to turn it away “from the traditional philosophy of benevolent visiting into autonomous methods and organizations” (Frachel, 1988, p. 88). In her vision, the goal of public health nurses was to address and treat economic and social problems. It is because of the work of Lillian Wald and her fellow colleagues, public nursing today strives to improve the living conditions of entire communities through collaboration with social agencies.
B. Qualifications and/or experience
As the field of public health nursing has been evolving since the 19th century, so have
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