Formal Grammar For A Good Writer

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Nicholas Patterson ENC 1102 Professor Tarkan-Blanco 29 March, 2016 Prompt: Argue whether the formal instruction of grammar in school is helpful and enlightening for someone who wants to become a good writer. Formal Grammar instruction is necessary to become a good writer It is fairly easy to determine a person’s educational background based on a single conversation; whether through written messages or a verbal conversation, word choice and grammar are very apparent. Grammar in the formal writing style is needed to ensure that writing is flowing and understandable. Without it a writer will not be respected in the writing world. American English is very complex with various tenses and many different grammatical rules that can be very hard to learn and master. However rules are very important in order to use the language effectively. Even though some argue that it can be a waste of time, formal grammar instruction is an essential component to becoming a good writer because students themselves want to improve their grammar, and without proper usage, written works can become confusing. Grammar has been taught in English since the sixteenth century, with the grammar school, “Which focused on academic studies, with the assumption that many of their pupils would go on to higher education” (Richardson). While these schools didn 't educate the pupils only in grammar, this idea of grammar school for children who were expected to have more intellectual success than those that went
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