Formal Instruction Of Grammar In School

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Topic: Argue whether formal instruction of grammar in school is helpful and enlightening for someone who wants to become a good writer. Today, formal grammar is essential in our academic careers, requiring us to write concise and professional assignments in order to exercise creativity and leave impressions on instructors. Although, the effectiveness of the explicit instruction of formal grammar is still under speculation; even individuals from academic and research backgrounds are skeptic about whether explicit formal grammar instruction is effective at all. Although, it sounds only nonsensical to even consider abolishing this instructional method, for why should learning grammar be based on one’s own knowledge of it? Why should the student’s initial experience with grammar be deemed as more important than proper instruction? The explicit instruction of formal grammar in society is necessary, for the consequences of removing this practice can prevent core grammar from being taught in the first place; also, even if other methods would prove more effective, applying this would be too much of a risk, and ultimately keep students from discovering talents, and make it more difficult for foreign students to learn English as a second language. The debate about grammar instruction does not entail whether grammar should be taught, but rather how it should be taught. Formal grammar instruction, also known as traditional grammar instruction, is a teaching method where students
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