Formal Marketing Control

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Input control There are different actions needed before the execution of the marketing plan. Financially, more funds are needed for advertising MIXY to increase awareness, new product development, and better colors for the packaging. MIXY is not advertised and it needs to be in a larger product line to compete better. Also, as the packaging is made by the same supplier as CL, it should differ to be easily recognized. More expenditure is also needed for the R&D as the company is strong in this field. It has an opportunity to provide product with more mixed flavors in addition to what it has for the moment like avocado, peach… to be recognized by the local customers as a product with a strong added value that does not exist in the…show more content…
We also beneficiated from the SWOT analysis that was very helpful to get the best strategies and tactics. New goals and objectives are set to make sure that the plan is doing well. We want to attract more consumers and increase awareness of a product that is known and unsought in the market. Our strategies are targeting a large two segments of B2B and B2C. To implement our market plan, a crucial staregy is implemented to improve the product and the advertising. Additional changes to the structure of the firm to be better implementing these strategies. To increase our opportunities to succeed, we are controlling our plan from the inputs we add, their process, and the outputs we expect. Straight actions are ready to cope with any negative outcome in our project. As future marketers, we believe that our marketing plan is ready to be used for

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