Formal Meeting Guide For Two Nz Cultures Essay

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FORMAL MEETING GUIDE FOR TWO NZ CULTURES SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: CZE ZHAR D. TRINIDAD ANIKA VATS 14115494B Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 MAORI CULTURE 4 MAORI HUI (CEREMONY and GREETINGS) 5 NEW ZEALAND CULTURE 6 BUSINESS MEETING 6 PROCESSING AT MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS 7 REGULATION OF THE GENERAL SHAREHOLDERS ' MEETING 7 GLOSSARY 9 REFERENCE 10 INTRODUCTION The Land of New Zealand has shaped its people, as the people have struggled to shape the land. The nation’s two main cultures Maori and Pakeha are as distinct as the forested mountains are from the crystal clear lakes and roaring rivers, but they are also united and divided by the rugged land they have conquered and tamed. In all the cultures of the Pacific region, that of the Maori stands out in its rich stock of plays, dances in highly-refined and complex arts. Historically, art has spread throughout the whole Maori way of life, and in this century there has been a conscious effort to preserve - or revive - the traditional skills of weaving and fibre arts, painting, latticework, carving, tattoo, chant and oratory, as well as Maori language and customs. The spiritual dimension of Maori art is still strongly felt: the taonga, or art treasures, of the Maori are not only objects of beauty
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