Formal Observations : An Observational Study Of Research

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Formal observations is an observational study of research. There’s usually no need to ask questions which are obvious like “are you male or female?” Instead of asking questions the observer notes whether the participant is a man or woman. One difference between a normal survey and formal observation is that observers often watch a number of people at once and then assess the difference and similarities between the people. For example, Albert Bandura and the Bobo doll experiment, Albert bandura had a group of kids in a room with a video of kids abusing a doll and observed to see if the kids in the room would act the same way.
Formal observations are effective and tend to be better than other specified methods as the observers are able to observe the environment and people when they are themselves which will make the results more accurate and valid. If participants knew they were being observed they may be less likely to act natural this is why this type of research will be accurate and valid.

Informal observation

Informal observations are the opposite of formal observations. This observation will be less structured and the participants being observed will be aware that they are being observed. This involves a group of participants knowing that they are taking part in an observation and they will just be told to carry on as normal.

Informal observations is an observational study of research and doesn’t include much involvement between observer and participants.…
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