Formal Operational Stage Analysis

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In eighth grade, students at this time are 14 years old and they begin to transition into young adults. They are learning about responsibility and independence. Students are in what is known as the Formal Operational Stage according to theorist jean Piaget. During this stage is where students are beginning to see the world as abstract and full of possibilities. Also students are learning to approach problems in a systematic and organized manner. Students will see in this unit that they must research and design with purpose instead of designing over and over again creating a cycle or trial and error. Several of my students in one class are in a mix of this stage. Some still are not understanding how to approach problems systematically, but rather chaotically. One student thinks it's okay to solve problems that cause trial and error and that he can say what he wants and that it will solve the problem.…show more content…
He also believed that it was important that students had peer on peer interaction in order for them to gain more insight and knowledge. At this age, students care about what their peers think about them so they will interact in that environment differently than what they would in another environment. It is important that teachers create a safe environment where all students feel comfortable being themselves. For example, some of the students have a fear of speaking in front of others or even speaking to certain peers. In this unit, I have created a safe place where students are able to speak in front of others, and that each student must say something in their presentation. I believe it is important for everyone to contribute and participate so that they can get out of their comfort zone and learn. One student has a hard time speaking in front of her peers because she is very shy and timid. This will help her gain more confidence in herself and in her communication
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