Formal Operations Synopsis. This Case Study Was Undertaken

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Formal Operations Synopsis This case study was undertaken to measure the formal operational thought capacity of AA Mooney (Not his real name). This participant is a twelve year old African American male in the seventh grade who attends middle school in Macon Georgia, but he is originally from Los Angles California. This subject is on the A B honor roll and plays football for his school. His parents are both educated and they are both in the home and are part of the middle socioeconomic class. This participant has one male sibling who is one year younger. Throughout his free time, mostly on weekends or after school, the participant enjoys playing a variety of video games on his play station, and shooting hoops in his backyard with his…show more content…
Unfortunately, not every adolescent develops into this stage “The stage of formal operations involves the development of hypothetical-deductive reasoning which is the capacity to think scientifically and apply the accuracy of scientific methods to cognitive task (Inhelder and Piaget, 1958).” Abstract thought, metacognition, meaning, thinking about thinking, and problem solving are the higher order thinking skills that appear in the formal operational stage. In this particular stage, the individual learns to develop assumptions that are not often grounded in actuality, such as hypothetical deductive reasoning. Adolescents at this point in their development are moving from inductive to deductive reasoning. “Piaget and his colleagues developed an experiment called the “pendulum problem” with which they wanted to assess whether individuals had reached the formal operational stage. Classically, he had children balance a scale using different types of weights (Inhelder and Piaget, 1958).” It is only in the initial part of adolescence could children comprehend the connection between space or distance from the middle of the scale and the mass of the weights. This method involves a different lengths of string and a set of different sized weights. AA was asked to take into consideration three factors; the length of the string, the heaviness of the weight, and the power of push. The

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