Formal Organization Structure: Hospital Setting

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That structure will be examined in this work in writing along with various attributes and characteristics of the formal organizational structure and specifically in regards to the hospital organizational structure.

I. Describe or define the "Formal" type of organizational structure?
The work entitled "Today's Concept of Organizational Management" states that since work is performed "within specific organizational patterns and since the worker-superior roles imply authority relationships, the structure or framework within which these patterns and relationships occur has been studied. Structuralism is based on Max Weber's theory of bureaucracy or formal organization. Robert k. Merton, Philip Selznik, and Peter Blau, major theorists in the structuralist school of thought, gave particular attention to line and staff relationships, authority structure, the decision-making process and the effect of organizational life on the individual worker." (Jones & Bartlett, nd, p.57) The formal organizational structure is focused on the "relationship between authority and subordinate." (Jones & Bartlett, nd, p.57) Formal organizations may be small businesses or larger businesses and it is stated that the lines of authority are clearly laid out in the formal organization. (Jones & Bartlett, nd, paraphrased)

II. How does the structure create an environment of…
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