Formal Organizational Design And Informal Culture

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Apply a diagnostic approach to a problem, issue, or challenge that you have experienced or observed in the workplace. Your analysis should include consideration of the formal organisational design and informal culture(s) of your chosen organisation, applying scholarly concepts theories and models from the field of Organisational Behaviour. Definition of the Issue I once worked in the HR department of an organisation in Saudi Arabia and was responsible for recruitment and training of the company’s personnel. Although we used to attract top talent, the company experienced a high rate of turnover among the recruited personnel. The company never seemed to maintain the top talent, the loss of personnel affected the image of the company, and it accrued losses related recruitment and training processes. In most cases, challenges related to high employee turnover are a result of different factors with the main contributing factor being low satisfaction among employees, which could be attributed to different elements. Low satisfaction could be predicated by poor interpersonal communication problem among employees, which lowers their levels of satisfaction. Analysis The organisational culture of the company evaluated the performance of employees based on their individual efforts with seniority being the primary factor in determining compensation for employees and their promotion. Since the culture of an organisation develops over time, the management has reinforced this culture over
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