Formal Process Of Constructing A Police Record Of The Arrest And Arraignment

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1. Booking Booking is that the formal process of constructing a police record of the arrest and arraignment is when the defendant is informed of the costs and advised of his or her rights. Police record, suspect is asked to produce data, as well as name, address, DOB, Place of employment, and details on any previous arrests. Finger written and photographed. If the Defendant Pays bail straight to the court he are going to be abandoning • Pretrial Motions • crime legal instrument and pleas • bargaining • jury 2. Preliminary hearings 3. Bail-Money place up to be released; Bail will be paid on to the court • To assure the court that the litigator can come back for trial • If the bail is excessive • Paid on to court, if person doesn 't should get a bond from the bond company • Personal bond, the litigator should promise to come back and should be thought of a lo risk 4. Preliminary hearing • may be a screening method employed in concerning half the states, to see if the litigator to stand • To be drawn by associate degree lawyer • Evidence 5. 13.1 In exchange for a fee, if denied the corporate can pay the number of the bond if the litigator doesn 't report for trial of failing to indicate up for trial. to create positive if the person is dangerous off the streets There should be no circumstances then they 'd be getting away with it at no cost Yes, I believe no one ought to be let out on bail if they didn’t wish to be in jail don’t mess up then. 6. 13.2 Evidence

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