Formal Region: The Islands Of French Polynesia

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Formal Region

The islands of French Polynesia are almost surrounded/protected by the coral reefs from the sea. There are two ancient volcanoes on the islands of French Polynesia. One of them lies on the island called Tahiti. The volcano stands at 7,352 feet above sea level. The other one is on the island called Bora-Bora. The volcano there stands at 2,385 feet above sea level. Both are part of the Society Islands. The Society Islands are divided into two parts/island custards. One is know as the Îles du Vent(Windward Islands). The other is known as the Îles Sous le Vent (Leeward Islands) which were named by Capt. James Cook when he visited for a scientific expedition for the Royal Society (Society part). The islands became first a French
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