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For your formal draft, compose a formal sentence outline. All sub-headings (A, B, & C) on your formal outline will follow the same format for sub-headings on the working outline and may include more headings than the ones that I have listed. If you feel that your opponents’ arguments are stronger than your own, then you will want to swap the ideas in Headings II and III in order to leave your reader with the final thoughts of the analysis of your own arguments.

Process for Writing the Paper:
•Compose your outline from your annotated bibliography, alternating your sources in each paragraph. (Three different sources per paragraph: one expert opinion; one story of someone suffering from this issue; and one statistic per paragraph) (Remember to include the
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•Include Author’s name with every change from one source to another source for all material quoted, summarized, or paraphrased and the page number in parenthesis in order to prevent plagiarism.

Do not include the following:
•First or Second Person (for example I, me, we, my, our, ours, you, your, yours, etc)
•Contractions (for example won’t, can’t, haven’t, etc.)
•There is or there are, which are considered fillers that take up space
•“Slang” – Review Diana Hacker’s “Use of Academic Language” if in doubt.

Turning in Your Paper in Your Electronic Research Portfolio: All Documents as you progress as noted throughout the assignment should be saved to your USB drive to a folder titled YOUR NAME and RESEARCH PORTFOLIO. If you need help with this, please ask me for help.

The Following should be included:
•Electronic Peer reviews (if assigned)
•Writing center visit reviews
•Rough drafts
•Word Processed Outlines for “Comparison Contrast”, “Cause and Effect”, “Argumentation” (40-Model Essays), and “Writing Papers in MLA Style” (Rules for Writers)
•A copy of the assignment and grade sheet on top

Your Paper to Include the
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