Formal Speech : Formal Meeting

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FORMAL MEETING GUIDE U.S. 11648 Submitted By MAYANK TIMBADIYA BL5-14074758B Submitted to ANIKA VATS CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 THE MARAE 1 MEETING IN MAORI –MAORI HUI 1 1. A TYPICAL AGENDA 1 2. THE PROCESS AND ANY REGULATIONS TO BE FOLLOWED AT A HUI 2 3. RECORDS REQUIREMENT OF HUI MEETING 2 COMPANY SHAREHOLDER MEETING- NEW ZEALAND CULTURE 3 1. RULES AND REGULATIONS OF MEETING 3 2. AGENDA 4 3. MEETING PROCESS 4 4. RECORD OF MEETING 4 GLOSSARY 5 BIBLIOGRAPHY 6 Introduction The Marae is the place where Maori people can gather to discuss and debate, to celebrate, meetings or functions. This document tells us about meeting. In this document, I mention two different types of meetings organized by different cultures such as Maori culture and New Zealand culture. Before starting to read this document, it becomes very important to know about meeting. Meeting: A meeting is a gathering of persons convened to transact business, discussion matters of note or act in a matter of common interest. Meeting is an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion. The Marae Hui Maori is another instance of a meeting. Meeting of Maori culture is known as “The Marae”. The Marae is totally central to the Maori approach of life; it is a concentration for teams WHO share kinship, whanau, hapu, iwi. Here they meet discussion and debate, to celebrate, to welcome the living and bid farewell to those who have passed on.The Marae, holy open
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