Formalism : The Rocking Horse Winner, And Annie Dillard 's Essay, Living Like Weasels

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Formalism Gaims Essay Formalism is a style of how content is presented over what is being shown. In Cleanth Brooks, The Formalist Critics, Brooks emphasizes how you should criticize content by the form and structure of the work. Formalism is seen through English in the way literary works are structured. Formalism is reveled in the American government. Formalism is also shown in the structure of filmmaking. In almost any work of art or content, the concept of formalism is applied to everything. In English, formalism is seen to discuss the connection between D.H. Lawrence’s short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” and Annie Dillard’s essay “ Living Like Weasels.” These two stories associated with one another by emphasizing the symbol of eyes.…show more content…
Formalism is also seen in the three forms of government. In the 22nd amendment, it says that anyone that wants to run for office has to follow a list of guidelines that are essentially needed. This form is applied to anyone that is interested in running. In spite of who is in office, they all have rules and guidelines to follow and the structure and form stay the same. There are three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. All of these branches have their own structured forms of what they do. Legislative makes the laws and approves appointments for the president. Executive signs the laws and a presidents is elected every four years. Judicial decides if the laws should get approved and can overturn rulings. This explains that the structure for all of these branches stays the same no matter who is in charge. In Media, formalism is also shown in the structure of crew positions and how the film reveals its story. Every position in making a film is important but the most important positions in a film are a producer, director, director of photography, and script supervisor. Each of those positions is in charge of a specific job that requires organization skills, artistic vision, and creativity. Every person who is a producer all do the same thing, they are the ones that hire the cast and crew for a film and are initially the boss. No matter who is running

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