Formalist Approach By Laurence Sterne

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Formalism approaches applied on Laurence Sterne’s
“The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman” (Chap.1-2)

Literature is an autonomous verbal art, independent from the context. A novel is “a fictitious prose narrative of considerable length and complexity,portraying characters and usually presenting a sequential organizationof action and scenes.” ( By using Mikhail Bakhtin’s concepts from “The Prehistory and Novelistic Discourse”, I will analyse Sterne’s novel from a formalist point of view in order to be better understood. I will be using as critical tools, Bakhtin’s theories regarding the novelistic discourse. The critic describes five approaches to novelistic discourse which cannot help us understand the
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Cried my father” and aslo the public, as a new character: “Pray, what was your father saying?” Heteroglossia, “a diversity of voices, styles of discourse, or points of view in a literary work and especially in a novel” (Merriam Webster) is also used by Sterne in his novel. He combines the first person with the third one, creating a diversity. That concepts is also found in Bakhtin’s novelistic discourse. “The direct discourse is a very effective way of expressing one’s ideas and thoughts in a clear manner and the same time it is one of the most effective mean from the point of view of rhetoric”. (Mikhail Bakhtin) Sterne uses it often in his text as a way of describing his own emotions, ideas, thoughts. Another observations about the form of the text is that the author uses very long sentences. There is no period at the end of ideas and that can show a very alert rhythm, like the narrator has to many to say that we won’t stop writing ideas all over again and he won’t let you get a word in. There are ideas interconnected with

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