Formalist: Protagonist and Character Vs Essay

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A Formalist Interpretation of Windows by Bernice Morgan Conflict: * Character vs. Character (Leah vs. Ruth) – she feels unwanted by Ruth; unwelcome in her home. She has little respect for Ruth’s lifestyle which is filled with second-hand drama, meaningless shopping – little overall purpose. * Character vs. Self (Leah = old and tired, misses Estonia, misses husband) Protagonist - Leah * Changes throughout story * At the story’s start, she feels at peace, even grateful for the notion of death * When the window breaks at climax, she becomes motivated, has a renewed sense of hope and vigor for life * She is a definitely dynamic character Antagonist – Ruth * Makes little effort to interact with Leah *…show more content…
Rising action – The boy tries to answer the whispers of the house for more money – and begins riding his horse/predicting the names of winning horses/betting on races/bringing in funds. Climax – The boy goes on his feverish last ride and becomes seriously ill afterwards. Falling action – The boy continues to become more and more sickly as his predictions on the horse race come into fruition. Resolution – the boy dies, and his Uncle Oscar points out the fact that his mother now has the money, but has lost her son. Symbols The house – could symbolize a physical manifestation of greed, the rocking horse could symbolize death, his desire to help his family (there are many possibilities, which could be argued. Point of View The story is told in the 3rd person omniscient – the narrator is all-knowing. A Formalist Summary of A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Conflict Character vs. Character – between Rakesh (the devoted son) and his father Varma. We see what is initially a loving relationship turn sour in Varma’s eyes as he views that his son’s actions are no longer done out of love. He begins to feel that Rakesh is fighting against nature to keep him alive, and all the while denying him the pleasures of life (like sweet and fried foods). Setting India – This is significant as it explains the culture described throughout the novel – the ceremony, the etiquette, and the various foods, which are typical of an Asian culture, not Western

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