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A Guide for Researching Markets
This tutorial provides information and guidelines that professionals and students should consider when presented with the task of researching a market. What follows is NOT a marketing plan. Rather what follows is a market study, a component within the larger marketing plan. (For more information on developing a marketing plan see our marketing plan tutorial.) Thus, the information provided should not focus so much on what is being planned but on what has been learned about the market. However, you can allude to what you plan to do in order to set the stage for why you are collecting certain types of data. For example, you can say "Product X is planned to target a specific segment of the XYZ market,
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• Extraneous Variables o Discuss factors that may affect this market (e.g., technological, social, governmental, competitive, etc.)
• Market Trends o What is expected to happen
Guidelines for Doing a Competitive Analysis
The competitive analysis section can follow a format that is shown below. In practice we recommend this section be a single-spaced, two-column report that is limited to a single sheet of paper (both sides used). Consequently, font size is generally 10 point or less.

This report would be made for each of the major competitors. While most of this report focuses on the overall analysis of the competitor, you should recognize that you are primarily interested in how this information may impact your company and, specifically, a product or product line. Thus, you should make sure, where possible, to focus your information on how it impacts the markets in which your product competes.

Note each sub-section within a section will contain 1-5 sentences that explain the sub-section.
• General Company Information - includes name, location (headquarters, other locations of importance), website address
• Summary of Business – includes sections that summarize the company, business units and nature of business
• Business Overview – includes sections on history, ownership structure, types of businesses, mission, strategy/objectives, key executives
• Recent News/Developments –
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