Formation Of Government : The Ideals Of The Founding Fathers Have Diminished

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Antonio Lopez Formation of Government essay 3rd Hour 12/2/2016 Formation of Government I believe that the ideals of the founding fathers have diminished because many people don’t have the freedom that they should, people are racist, and not as many people seem to believe it is necessary to vote anymore. These ideals include liberty, self-government, and equality. Liberty has diminished at work because employees are getting hired as part time so that business do not have to give out benefits. According to Mary Williams who reported to the New York times, Employees have been timed while using the bathroom, and disciplinary points are given for frequent use of the restrooms. Also it has been reported that supervisors have hunted down employees if they take too long. Americans are losing the “right to live”. This is because An opportunity for affordable education is disappearing which is a direct link to a long life. Medicare has decreased mortality of Americans ages 65 and older by 13%. But corporations are trying to replace medicare. This replacement will be a voucher system which will provide less coverage and the eligible age for it will be increased. This means that the loss of life in the elderly will increase. We are also losing or right to live or travel anywhere. The main reason for this is the 16 million underwater homes in the US. These homes are worth about 1.2 trillion dollars. This is due to realtors pulling in homeowners into mortgages they can not afford.
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