Formative Assessment: Personal Development Plan with Regard to Study and Research Skills

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Every person has an inner need to education. Knowledge which we can gain, allows us to know ourselves. Most of us are asking : how to learn more effective ? It is obvious, there are many different ways to develop our study skills. One example is improve verbal communication – the way we act to other people, to illustrate : it tells a lot about us if we can remember names after first introduction. If we are able to do this, people perceive us like a fair conversationalists. Relationship between student and lecturer is also enormous value in understanding word of mouth. Another skill is academic writing. It is significant in a way, if we could leave on a paper exactly the same thing we insinuate in our brains. Our thoughts, opinions - to…show more content…
When something is funny to us, we memorize it better. Nothing comes easy so we will have to work very hard to make our memory excellence. We should start with simple changes like washing teeth. Do you always do it with your right hand ? Tomorrow, let’s try with left hands. Gradually your brain will evolve to improving your memory. Next time, when you will go to shop, do not take shopping list. Try to remember what you have to buy by chaining method. As mentioned earlier there are a lot of things which can help us to develop memory, we should always remember about quiet place to study, stay as positive as is possible and add omega-3 containing foods to your diet. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are present in fishes like tuna or macrela and it is needed to form nerve cell membranes, which keeps the brain healthy. Healthy brain = better memory. In conclusion , memory is intrinsic part of our mind. It depends on us how we develop this ability. I have illustrated just some modes to improve it, but you can find your own way to do it. The way which will be the best for you. Consequently we could do a lot for brighten memorizing and we should do this because it will help us with our present education, communication with people, our daily staff and future life. What is more I am sure You will be surprise how extraordinary your mind could
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