Formative Points In High School

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Michelle Osagie is a music lover, an online shopping enthusiast, an iced coffee fanatic. Michelle aspires to be a doctor and plans to attend a university that brings her closer to her dreams of bettering the world through care and medicine. Currently, at age 17, Michelle lives in the charming town of Lisle, IL, where she attends the local high school. Her education has taught her a lot more than reading and formulas, and has helped her establish a life philosophy.

The grading policy at my high school was altered my junior year. In the new grading policy, assignments in the summative category are weighted heavier than those in the formative. Thus, summative points have a greater impact on one’s overall grade than formative points. So, being
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Eating. Sleeping. Breathing. Living. Nothing special happened during my daily routine, and so I began to consider these actions to be formatives. While, like formative grades, these uneventful times may seem to have little significance in regards to the entirety of my journey here on earth, in actuality they set up my foundation. Those busy hours when I skipped a meal, or the demanding days that ended with sleepless nights did not necessarily deter my whole world. I was still able bodied to continue the next day. Nevertheless, I couldn't possibly imagine trying to perform and experience life without ever sleeping or eating. So while it is true that one can receive one or two low grades on formative assignments, they can add up. And in order to succeed, in school and in life, we must make every moment…show more content…
I am talking about the times when life decides to be more interesting. The times when a curveball gets thrown your way that can result in a home run or a strikeout. These times, these treasures, are the summatives. It is in these moments where you can fly or fall, rise or run, do or die. It is in these defining moments where our actions and their consequences are weighted heavier than our typical diurnal activities. For me, I was 8 years old. My dad had just passed away and I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to be without him. Yet, at 8 years old, I made the paramount decision that no matter what I would be happy. Similar to assignments, some days will be harder than than others, but what we do with them determines our final
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