Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Defined Success As “The

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Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, defined success as “the difference you make in people’s lives”. Many recollect John F. Kennedy as a successful individual during the 1950’s because of the advances he made to the growing nation. Through his years in office, Kennedy grew the economy with several policies which contributed to stronger ties with foreign countries. Not only did he stand up for the rights of African - Americans through a time of segregation, but he also helped guide the way for minority groups and followed his expression, “Get America Moving Again.” President John F. Kennedy was effective at growing the economy and empowering underrepresented groups which resulted in a more peaceful nation. Through the early years of his…show more content…
As the days of his childhood was soon coming to an end, people acclaimed him as a renowned individual with his efforts and purpose in moving forward. Moreover, the arduous journey that John F. Kennedy experienced shaped him to become an inspiration to millions of Americans in search of aspiration and freedom. Because John F. Kennedy fostered several policies in office, the nation’s economy rose to a great extent. He had fostered alliance with Latin American countries which provided efforts in creating stronger ties with the nation. At the time, the relationship with foreign countries was not secure and the history between the countries brought natural differences in coming together. During an address for the Alliance for Progress with Latin American Diplomats and members of Congress, he proclaimed a common strife among the countries. Kennedy expressed, “Our nations are the product of a common struggle -the revolt from colonial rule. And our people share a common heritage - the quest for the dignity and the freedom of man. . .” (Halsall, “Modern History Sourcebook: President John F. Kennedy: On the Alliance for Progress, 1961” ). He acknowledged that although people have different views, we share a similarity that depicts the freedom of mankind; soon he constructed a ten year plan to attenuate poverty and derail the spread of communism. Through the entirety of his speech, people

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