Former New Jersey State Senator, James McGreevey

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“Being gay is a fundamental part of my being - the core of who I've always been, and the thing that I had repressed and run from all my life.” Former New Jersey state senator, James McGreevey the American Democratic politician, kept his true identity from himself and the people he loved for almost his whole life. He ran away from felling anything for men because it was not only ‘wrong’ in society’s eyes but rather was not something he could accept about himself. And after 12 years of marriage to two different women he finally admitted to himself and came out about his sexuality. He finally accepted himself and allowed the society around him to do so too. He overcame the repression that he received by society to follow moral norms; additionally he overcame the repression his own mind forced him into believing for 12 years! Like Mr. James McGreevey, many individuals who are at the point of understanding themselves more clearly are faced with the unknown and are constantly challenged by all that is developing. The world in which we live is the same; it is surrounded by ever changing things and we, human beings are forced to accept and carry on our lives in complete unison with. People today seem to follow the same trend; their attitudes, hobbies and self-awareness all seem to change with the ticking of time. However many times an individual is left to journey through their new selves without the attention or the approval of those around them. If a person discovers a part of

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