Forming & Storming

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A team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. The effectiveness of the project team can make the difference between project success and failure. Our project team has a total of 30 students. Eventhough good strategics and techniques are still necessary, it is the members of the project team itself that are the key to project success which require an effective project team. In order to become an effective team, we have to go through five stages which are Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. For this essay, we will only focus on the forming and storming stage. Forming stage is the first stage of the group development in which people join the group. In the major process in the forming stage,…show more content…
Our leaders try their best to explain and clear their doubts. This enabled everyone to understand their own tasks and responsibility more clearly and therefore increases team effectiveness.

In order to contribute more effectively, I should become more socialize and discuss my opinion or suggestion with everyone in the class. I should overcome my shyness and voice out my opinion during the discussion. I should also improve my communication skill so that I am comfortable when I am with my teammates or vice versa. This can help us to improve our team’s effectiveness as well as cohesiveness. When we get to know and understand each other better, we can avoid conflicts that are not necessary.

Other than that, the team as a whole should also be more cooperative. Overall, our team is considered as a not sociable team. When we are ask to give some suggestions or ideas, most of them remain silence and only the same few students who are giving the ideas and suggestions. This is a problem to our leaders as they are having a hard time to lead us if we are not cooperative. Besides, everyone in the group should improve their interaction among team members so that we can achieve a better outcome in our project. Those who are sociable can volunteer and get everyone on the track during the discussion and make sure no one is left out. Leaders should make sure that everyone
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