Forms of Punishment

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Forms of punishment consist of Capital Punishment, Imprisonment, Probation, Fines, Restitution and Community Service, and Restorative Justice. (Seiter, R. 2011) In the early part of the 1700's there was corporal punishment, torture, and public humiliation. There were other forms of punishment which consists of branding, beating, and mutilation. Prisoners were considered less of a human because of their criminal acts. They were forced to right their wrongs that they have committed either through physical pain, being publicly humiliated and/or endured mutilation, or they were branded, tortured, and/or put to death. (Seiter, R. 2011) When capital or corporal punishment was used in public, it was to help in deterring individual offenders and the broader community. These forms of punishments were done merely to make a mockery of the offender. The citizens of the community were allowed to throw rocks and/or rotten vegetables at the offender. (Seiter, R. 2011) In the 16th and the 17th century prisons was more of a place where individuals were held when they were waiting to go to trial or waiting for their punishment. During the 1700's there were only local holding cells, common prisons, and houses of correction. The first prison in the United States was the Walnut Street Jail. The Governor of Pennsylvania realized that the criminal codes were not humane and that the judges were ineffective because more times then not they did not follow the criminal codes. The "Quakers" were
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