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These games all looked amazing. I was especially impressed by the level of detail in Killzone, where even unimportant characters looked and moved very realistically. We also saw demos of new game engines (systems for the creation and development of video games) for PlayStation 4—and I was blown away. One demo simply showed the face of an old man in various lighting conditions and with different facial expressions, impressively depicting the level of detail and emotion that game characters can now convey. Cloud gaming and digital gaming also seems to be a strong focus for the PS4. Sony is aiming to make many games from previous and current console generations available digitally, living up to the tagline "everything everywhere". The PlayStation 4 event was just enough of a tease to keep me salivating for more. No price information is available yet, but we at least have an idea of Sony's approach to the next generation of gaming. It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the Wii U and the next version of the Microsoft Xbox, when more details come out. For gamers, the next holiday season can't get here fast enough! You can find more details and full specs at —Matt Ferretti More About: Sony | Babies & Kids | Electronics | Gaming & Toys | All Electronics News Post a comment Sign in to comment. Comments:
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