Formulation of a Taxonomy Aware Catalog Integration Problem

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Each product is identified by its name and attribute value.For example “Audio systems 2029”.Here the product name is Audio systems and the attribute value description is chaos series 2.0 inch 2-way speaker,900W peak power. In the taxonomy aware catalog integration problem,a product taxonomy can be represented as graph G={V,E} with a Directed Acyclic Graph whose nodes represent the set of categories in which products are organized.” Taxonomy aware categorization as a two step process. First the products are classified based on their textual representation and then in second step the output is adjusted based on the structure of the master and provider taxonomy.
A.THE BASE CLASSIFICATION STEP In this step, the products are classified based on their textual representation. Each product is classified by using a base classifier. The base classifier does not have any aware about the taxonomies. Machine learning techniques such as Naïve Bayes and Logistic Regression are used. The features of the product are extracted from the textual representation of the product.
B.THE TAXONOMY AWARE PROCESSING STEP In the taxonomy aware processing step, the result of the base classification step can be adjusted by using the structure of the master and provider taxonomies. Here optimization problem occurs where the provider catalog Kp and the master catalog Km ,the objective is to calculate labeling vector l…
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